Initially we like to talk to parents, carers and teachers as the people who know the child best. Your child will then be assessed. If required a parent feedback session can be organised to discuss the report more fully.

If your child has already been assessed, we are happy to create a treatment programme based on the previous assessment.

The assessment may include:

  • Listening to you and your child
  • Standardised assessment
  • Clinical observations
  • Liaison and discussion with other relevant professionals (eg Teachers, Educational Psychologists, SALT)
Areas of assessment will look at the following areas of development as appropriate:
  • Sensory processing
  • Visual perception
  • Handwriting
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Timing and Sequencing
  • Self care skills

After the assessment you may be sent a full report with recommendations.

What treatment is likely to include

  • Functional treatment goals worked out in consultation with child and parents prior to starting therapy, so that outcomes can be measured.
  • 1:1 sessions on a weekly basis for a block of treatment. Each session lasts for approximately one hour which includes time to speak with parents and catch up on progress and specific issues.
  • Treatment sessions with a clear home / school programme.
  • Interactive Metronome home e-clinic.
  • Timocco home programmes.
Treatment activities and play may include, but are not limited to, using recommended treatment methods for which I am qualified:

Handwriting assessment

"Small changes can make a big difference."

This six year old boy initially was sitting on a chair too high for him with a desk equally too high. His pen control was poor, as was his pencil grip. In positioning him differently , altering his writing implement and giving him a line on which to focus, he was able to make clear improvement. Within a short time of regular input his handwriting was very nearly as good as his peer group.

It is knowing what to change and how, that can make such a difference to handwriting in one day.

After 1 day
After 1 day

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