"You would have been proud if you could have seen him on sports day on Tuesday. He joined in all the races with gusto and even got two 2nd places in running races - only against 6 others but still not something I expected a year ago!"


"Thank you for today - I found it incredibly helpful to watch Tim as you guided him through the exercises and to understand better the patterns with which the little man is struggling - and to have explained why it is that from a newborn, he has always wanted to hug and be hugged so tightly. Tim also enjoyed it and has explained the process in detail to his brother, who takes a very scientific interest in such matters."


"Your sessions with Mark helped him immensely. And he remembers you with affection."

Bella K

"Naomi, we cannot thank you enough for the past year and your input has helped Liam's development massively."

Emma M

"I remember so clearly doing sensory profile with you at our house and you asked a few questions from the sheet and then said 'this may sound a strange question, but does Megan overstuff her mouth with food?' - to which my answer was a resounding YES! The feeling I had then was just fantastic - that someone else knew what was going on, when we didn't, really was a eureka moment in my life!"

Katharine P

"I am enormously grateful for your understanding of Peter's needs both physically and in respect of his Sensory Processing Disorder'. Enabling me to understand Peter's sensory needs has been life changing for us all and I shall always be indebted to you for that. 'I want to thank you for all your support, for your contact by telephone and via email and for offering us your advice and support. As I look back I genuinely do not know what we would have done without you."

Ruth L

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